You've got devices, we've got mTips. Use MDI's mTips to connect your cellphone, music player, headset and other gear to our chargers. It's easy to do: Simply swap the tip.
Our mTips are inexpensive to purchase and a snap to put on. We have over 50 to choose from, covering just about every major brand and many minor ones in between. So stop wasting money on the other guy's chargers and start saving today with MDI's mTips.
Two mTip styles
mTips come in two different styles: USB and Charge. USB mTips work with both the kwikSynCh and the SynCh, while Charge mTips work with the SynCh only. If you would like to connect two USB mTips to your SynCh, you can use the USB Power mTip to convert the Charge connector on the SynCh to USB (see how).
Did you know?
Many of our most popular mTips are designed to provide both power and data connections, allowing you to charge and sync your smartphone, PDA and other electronics. This dual functionality delivers even greater convenience and cost savings, by eliminating the need to purchase and carry additional data cables. Don't settle for anything less!
Looking for the right mTip for your device?